25 iulie2010

Pentru doritori m-am gandit sa prezint detaliat programul artistic al zielei de duminica:

ora 12:10 – cununia civila in parcul mare Cluj

ora 13:00 – cununia religioasa la biserica din Faget ( vis-a-vis de hotel Stil)

ora 14:00 – prezenta la restaurant Serena

ora 00:00 – prezenta la Le General pe B-dul Eroilor

Money for nothing…

I recently bought for a client a Juniper Secure Service Gateway 5 which costs about 800$. For those who do not know what this is, is a more powerful router for your local area network that provides all kind of services, similar with the 30$ router you have at home. The reason for this 800$ router is that it can protect you from the dangers on the internet and many more features that a home router can’t have and off course it spouse to be more reliable.

Well, what my dissatisfaction is right now is that I had to install this SSG5 on a client outside the city. So I bought this equipment, drove to my client and so that this new SSG5 doesn’t work at all. After a few hours of rebooting and testing I gave up and come home with the thought that I will had to go again on my own expense to the client to try to install it again.

After talking to a friend of mine that works with this kind of equipment I found out that before installing it, I would have had to upgrade its fimware. Sad and done, after upgrading the firmware, the SSG5 worked. And this is the first dissatisfaction for me. How it’s possible to pay 800$ and not have the latest firmware installed? And this is just the first part of the problem, because after I went the second time to install the equipment I’ve encountered another problem that does not allow me to set multiple VPN tunnels. The problem consists in the fact that when trying to set a value, you save the setting and if you return to check that setting, you find out that it didn’t save it. I tried numerous methods but nothing, so now I’m a little lost, because I cannot reset the equipment to set it from zero because now my client is using it and I can not stop his activity…. so what now? 800$ for what?! when I coult ask for a VPN connection from my IPS and had no bother….

Lady Ga R Ga Ra…

For those who don’t know me, I’m not what you could call a fan of the contemporary music on MTV but lately I heard about a new song from Lady Gaga, called Alejandro and I was curious what is all the fuss about. So, I listen the song a few times and then I had the revelation! I found the reason why Lady Gaga has such a success.

Personally I am a fan of the 20 years fashion circle belief. I don’t think it’s called like, but the essence is that every fashionable thing, like music, clothes, haircuts, etc, re-become fashionable after 20, or so years, and this is a proven fact.

So, let’s get back to my revelation that consist in the fact that the reason for this huge success of the song Alejandro, is… the fact that is very similar with the Ace of Base style. The energy that gives you is the same of the Ace of Base songs. Just listen carefully to the song! They used the succesful recipe that Ace of Base used 20 years ago.

I’m sorry to say this Gaga, but it’s not easy this days to make something original. Even your look it’s not that original, it’s just and upgraded style of the 80’s Madonna…. Lucky for your there will always be stupid, vulnerable girls who will buy your karaoke-album.


Just another Mac review :)

Well it’s not just another Mac review. I call it that because many people made reviews on this subject, but beside this, I will try to express only my personal impression about the… NEW 15′ MacBook Pro equiped with an 2,4 Ghz Inel Core i5 processor, 4GB DDR3 memory, NVIDIA GeForce GT330M with 256MB, and …. well, all the other functions that a normal Mac has, expect those Air models, wich I don’t know what where they invented for… the AIR models are just like an expensive jewelry that your friends can see, but it can’t do more that a smart phone, or an iPad?… patato – potato…  sorry, I forgot what I was talking about….

So, getting back to the PRO model, the first impression when opening the box was as great as every Christmas. Tha Apple packaging always amasses me 🙂 Moving forward…. for someone who had a Mac before, the design will not impress you so much, not that is not ok, just that is the same… 🙂 at least I was not impressed. Now that I think about it, nothing really impressed me in the first 5 minutes of configuring and using it, because it was exactly the same as the other models. So I’ve started to think, why pay so much? Because you have to admit tha the price is at least double in comparison with a laptop that has the same tech specs, from another manufacturer. And after 10 minutes of setting up and personalizing, I started to have a nice feeling, one that I had before, and then I’ve realised! It was the feeling that I had the last time when I’ve used a Mac 🙂 I don’t know how do they do it, but they CAN make you forget how much you pay on it, because it’s so user-friendly that you what to “play” on it 24/7. I know it sucks for our lady friends… so? 🙂

As a recommended optional, you can opt for the non-glossy screen, in case you’re not a narcissist and you like seeing your face all the time on the reflective screen 🙂

Let’s not forget that you will not have to see blue screens, viruses and stuff like that, and if you really need to use a Windows-based app, this Mac has enough resources to install a VMware on it.

The only thing that didn’t pleased me, was the weight. 2.2kg, or something like that. Personally consider that too much to carry in a bag everyday. My personal laptop has about 1,1 kg, and even with that weight, after about an hour of walking through town, I fell the wight on my shoulder. This is a powerful laptop not so much perfect for a day-to-day mobility.

So, if you have the money, and you’re not just surfing the web and living on Facebook, this is the tool for you. It’s a great investment.