Industrial minimal lighting

Today I was in a great mood, therefore I came with a new idea for a lighting. It comes in two shapes, one as a candle stick that can be used on the table, or on the floor, if the room has few furniture. The Electrical candle stick goes well in pairs of 3 pieces, all stacked in a round 220V adapter. Unfortunately I had finances for building only one piece, but hopefully you’ll use your imagination for imagine how those 3 pieces would look on a 3 socket adapter 🙂

The second design, the cornered one, I’m more proud of, because it can be used in 2 ways. One is as an bed side lamp, for reading, and with an opaque 40W bulb it gives a very warm light at night for reading. The second use for the cornered lamp is as an watch lamp. Personal I find this usefeul in my case, because I have a dog that barks a lot if I live him alone at home at night with all the lights off, so I need to live a light on for him. This can be used also on a large hallway with a 20W or 30W opaque lamp plugged into a programable 220V socket, that allows you to program it when to turn on and when to turn off, so that you will always have a light on at night when going to grab a snack or when going to the bath.

Personally I think that this design works in two environments: either in a big house with modern/simplistic , metal and glass design; or at a wooden hut at into the mountains.

See for yourself! I uploaded some photos. It also comes in BROWN, RED, YELLOW @ 30$ , two lightbulbs  included, normal and opaque.

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