The theory of social compensation

I have decided to write this article due to the fact that recently a couple that we know just broke up. So this is for both of them.

What I’m trying to say through this article is that no one should panic if a social break down happens in their life because there is an equilibrium that will always keep you on the right track. Of course this doesn’t happen by magic. You must do a few things. First you must be very aware about your way of being, your actions and your reactions regarding your social surroundings, because if you are not sincere with yourself regarding these facts, you start having a deform picture of yourself, and that fuck’s it up from the start, and you will end up asking yourself what did you do wrong, because in your image everything was perfect. Another thing that you must do, is to always remember what are your goals in life and the things you look after, and never forget those things, because if you don’t do so, you will end up forgetting who you are, and again, fuck everything up, and probably end as a fucking EMO. So doing those two things I’ve been talking about with the use of  ambition and perseveration you will at least have the chance of hoping that the Theory of social compensation will work on you. I also must say that in my point of view this is not a thing that I’ve had invented, this is just a conclusion taken from my few 27 years of life, but since now it applied.

So, as a few examples for you that you can understand what the F I’m talking about.

Example number one:  When you get together with a life partner, what happens? I’ll tell you. You become feeling more satisfied with yourself due to the fact that your partner offers you the attention that equal with 3 of your friends. So then you start cutting of friend from your group the always annoyed you or the ones that your never liked so much. In conclusion, the sum of your personal satisfaction remains constant partner+friends=constant.

Example number two: the reverse of my first example is the break up with the life partner. The satisfaction of your personal life is pour so you start looking for new friend to compensate with the loss you just had. Personal+friends=constant.

For my third and final example I must and that from my point of view, there is a relations between the number of your friends and the value they have for you and the level of your social satisfaction. I know, it’s sad, but It’s the true. And also you must know that all of these are variables that will always change in a life period, probably depending on your age.

So, my third example refers to a simple fact, that starting from the day you were born and until the day you die, your social friend will always change. Their number will change, the type of people they are will change, your life partners will change, hopefully only just to a point, but as long as you don’t forget the things I’ve talked about at the beginning of this article, there will always be enough friend around you so that you will feel ok.

Peace out!

P.S. : Oana, I know you thing I’m a pessimistic person because I worry allot, but as you can see I have an optimistic perspective 😛

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