Ai ped review

So, in the last few weeks I had to make a choice, between buying a new laptop for my belloved or giving her my old, but very good Acer Timeline laptop and buying for myself something smaller. I took a look at many options but somehow I my mind remaind on the iPad, allthough I am the adept of the ideea that all the Apple products are way to expensive. But, due to the fact that this week Apple will lounch for sale the new iPad 2 , I found the iPad one at good price and bought it.
I did made some research on the web to see if the iPad will satisfy my needs, with are to be able on the moove to have access tonthe internet instantly and be able to access different comeputrs through remote controll or Vpn, this next to the need of e-mail, witch anyhow I have on my mobile.
Beeing a critical person, I will not talk about the good things that this device has, because you can find them on the official page.
So, let’s cut to the subject. First fizical impressions was nice, like with any other Apple product. Second impression, not so nice, because I found out that you can not start the iPad for the first time without beeing connected to the iTunes ๐Ÿ™ second bad thing I found is that this particulary iPad came with a US outlet plug. Third bad thing is that it dosen’t charge the battery when connected to the USB.
The rest is Apple. It works fine, looks nice, great battery and display. The touch keyboard it’s verry good. I bought the 16Gb model with a 3G wich was verry easy to set up on the Vodafone network.
I will stop here because it late, but if you have any questions about this device feel free to comment on this post.

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